Agenda Topics

Every April, the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous meets to consider and vote on matters that affect A.A. as a whole. These items are known as Agenda Topics. In our Area, A.A. groups are invited to give their input—their group conscience—on these Agenda Topics via their General Service Representative (GSR), who in turn, informs our elected Delegate to the Conference.

72nd General Service Conference

72nd Final Conference Report [WEB] Password-Protected with the same password as our District Meetings or email mail at sfgeneralservice dot org.

Highlights of the 2022 General Service Conference [PDF]

Group Conscience Resources

What is an informed Group Conscience? [PDF]

Group Conscience Form [.DOCX]

Agenda Topic Resources

Sharing Session Script [PDF]

Plan ahead: here’s a step-by-step guide [PDF]

Microphone Etiquette at Assemblies [PDF]

Where do Agenda Topics come from? [PDF]

Agenda Topic Submission Form [WEB] Annual Deadline: September 15

About the General Service Conference U.S./Canada

“Why Do We Need a Conference?” by Bernard Smith [PDF]

How the General Service Conference Operates [PDF]

Conference Advisory Actions 1951 – 2021 [PDF]

FAQ on the General Service Conference [PDF]